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“The sense of deeply deliberate expression and masterful delivery provided on this record are as noticeable on the 10th listen as on the first... the degree of thought and effort put into every note, every lyric, every nuance, makes this record an undeniably cerebral experience.”

“A riveting, pensive work that seems to emanate from a nocturnal dimension… consistently menacing and serrated.”


"Threatening and a spectacle to behold... one of the best albums I've heard in 2016."


“lovelesslust captures the magic of early indie and alt rock scenes… on second listen, I was hooked.  lovelesslust takes me back to a time when songs told stories, music had a message and bands were not defined by the labels and genres placed upon them.”

""(if you're) a fan of any of the bands involved in remixing this album (IAMX, Orgy, Aesthetic Perfection, Depeche Mode) then it's going to be up your dark alley."

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